The Immune System: Your Magic Doctor >

Learn about the body's most important line of defense- the immune system. This film reviews the immune system's various components, showing how they defend the body against invading bacteria and viruses, and also explains what happens when the immune system is not functioning properly. Important factors contributing to the maintenance of a healthy immune system are also discussed. Animation shows how the body stays well, fights disease and heals injuries. Sometimes antibiotics or immunization are needed. Also explains AIDS.

The Scolding 1971 >

A political cartoon in which reformer Melquíades Álvarez faces off with monarchist Juan de la Cierva.

Blind Passion 1979 >

This episode from Histories of Love and Carnage, the first adult-oriented animated feature in Spain, offers a scatological, decidedly unsentimental view of sexuality and old age.

Getter Robo Movie 1974 >

When earthquakes shake up Japan, Professor Saotome is certain that it is the work of the Dinosaur Empire. Michiru goes out to investigate in the Command Module but is quickly shot down and injured; the culprit is none other than Megazaus! Team Getter Robo is eager to get revenge for Michiru, but first they have to brave the fractured roads and find a physician for her. Once Getter Robo is formed, they must track Megazaus underground and defeat him before he destroys the cities of Japan.

Parcelle 1979 >

Composed frame by frame in the camera, Parcelle (fragment, particle or bit) rests upon the alternate appearance and variable duration of tiny colored squares or circles placed on black backgrounds and inserted in series between plain white or colored images, creating optical superimpositions on the screen.

Beyond Picasso 1986 >

Schwartz reordered and combined angular contours, broken planes, and distorted proportions in her own pictorial structures in an homage to Picasso's style.